US election: Biden at 264 electoral votes, Trump at 214

Currently, there are six States that still remain unclaimed, including major prizes such as Pennsylvania and Michigan. President Donald trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden are gearing up for what could be a legal battle…

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Coronavirus and Sexual Health

There are now few people in the civilized world who know nothing about the coronavirus (technically COVID-19), the pandemic of which is causing major changes worldwide. With this writing, the story evolves every day and…

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NASA Affirms 656ft Asteroid Traveling Towards Earth At 44,964 Kmph

NASA is following a space rock falling towards Earth. The space rock called 2015 BK509 is 656 feet wide and is screeching across space at a speed of 44,964 km / h. NASA trackers expect…

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Lost In Space Season 3: Netflix premiere date and the latest updates

Lost In Space Season 3: Netflix premiere date and the latest updates Lost in Space ‘was created by Irwin Allen and has been running the space science fiction subfamily since its launch on 13 April…

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Coronavirus: How to protect kids, adults against Wuhan virus

The viral outbreak that started in China has infected more than 6,000 people on the mainland. The United Arab Emirates confirmed on Wednesday the first cases in the Middle East of the new Chinese virus…

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Live map: Global spread of coronavirus

A virus similar to the Sars pathogen has claimed more than 100 lives since it emerged in a market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan and spread throughout the world. The total includes the…

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10 Best Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol

The decision to stop drinking alcohol can be life-saving for people who feel that they are becoming addicted to alcohol. However, recovering from alcohol abuse, maintaining austerity and controlling alcohol cravings is a tough battle….

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Avoid Opioid Problems

With the recent increase in drug-related deaths of 9%, the opioid crisis has caught the attention of the masses. It kills around 50,000 Americans and becomes harder to ignore. However, one element remains little known…

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U.K. voters decide who they want to resolve Brexit impasse

LONDON — U.K. voters were deciding Thursday who they sensitive to resolve the stalemate greater than Brexit in a parliamentary election seen as one of the most important by now the accumulation less of World…

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As his car sank into an icy river, he told Siri to call 911. It worked

“Siri, call 911.” That’s what a man in Charles City, Iowa yelled after his car plunged into an unfriendly river. Gael Salcedo, 18, was back reference to his mannerism to North Iowa Area Community College…

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