What Is Insurance?

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One of the ways to avoid risk is to insure a risk insurance company. This is considered as one of the more important ways in which risk is met. Therefore, many believe that risk management is similar to that of insurance. Real situations are not.

Insurance is an insurance contract, two parties, the insurer and the insurer. The insurer guarantees the insured to the individual, and he will have to suffer because of an inconceivable situation or when it is impossible. The insurer, usually the premium term, is generally referred to as “premium” as the insurer to pay a certain amount of money.

In various respects, there are various types of insurances and various forms of insurance.

Answer: From an economic point of view,
Reduction of uncertainties in operations by a person or company for achieving requirements or achieving objectives.

The risk that the other and the other party may be subject to a significant risk of a change in the risk may be more accurately calculated.

B. According to the law:
Changing the risk of a particular object or business to another

Insurance policyholder insurance premium (insurance policy) is insurance premiums paid by insurance premiums, and is later transferred to the insurer.

C. According to trading:
Sharing the risk faced by all participants in the insurance scheme.

Financial entities are transferred to risks by individuals / companies in financial institutions and risk to all risk managers involved.

D. From a social standpoint:
Incidentally, incurred losses among all participants of the insurance.

All members (team members) will be (in installments) sympathetic to the losses incurred by the insurance program (members) / some members.

Demonstrate the extent of the risk. The outcome of the outlook is that all participants (participants) use the risk of dividing the insurance program.

Probability is calculated on the probability theory by the activity and the probabilistic model (“Probability theory”).

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