Pet Loss Grief

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Most of us have endured the pain of losing a beloved pet at some point in life and, depending on the type of relationship we have with our pet, will undoubtedly measure the amount of pain we suffer after the loss. Some people develop a deep bond over time with their pet, while others enjoy having them close by and, in general, recover from pain quite quickly. They can even replace their five deceased immediately to help them cope with the situation and move on from the grieving process more quickly. Everyone has their own unique way of dealing with the loss of pets.

The loss of a special animal companion can leave a devastating anguish and most people will suffer in silence for fear of not being taken seriously just because the loss was not a human loss. Today, there are many people in situations where their pets mean everything to them like any human being. Many have been disappointed by those around them, so they turn to an animal for unconditional love and company and as confidants. This is quite normal since animals have qualities that our human companions do not seem to indicate.

Pets now have become an accepted part of our family and when a pet dies, we feel that as such. I lost my pet lizard just a year ago, and the pain I felt was so immense that I did not want to continue. I felt the best I could do for myself and on behalf of my deceased pet, he was writing about the loss of a pet and I became a Pet Loss Advisor, in which I only started studying at an online university. The bond I had with my pet lizard was very deep.

Our pets or as I prefer to call them “family members” teach us a lot about ourselves if we are open to let them educate us. Even after they pass to the spirit, the lessons themselves are more vivid and real. The heartbreaking pain of losing a pet is not something to hide or be ashamed of. Pets are our family and we are suffering for them that way. There are groups that you can join on social networks like Facebook. This gives the five caregivers the opportunity to express their grief in a safe and non-judgmental social environment

Now we live in a very different world from twenty years ago, nobody needs to suppress their emotions for fear of being ridiculed or amused. The animals are not classified as “only pets”, but are our best friends and our confidants, and especially our mentors.

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