Top Ten Graphic Novels

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The graphic novels are part of a reading section that combines the two main senses that any thinking man can use, that of sight and that of reading and thinking. This is the reason why graphic novels are such an intriguing and interesting part of the book population. Here we give you a list of the ten best graphic novels of all time.

1. Watchmen: This had to overcome the 10 best lists of graphic novels for being part of one of the most successful series of graphic novels. The series is about a group of superheroes who won the hearts of millions and based in New York, is still one of the best graphic novels of all time.

2. The Adventures of Tintin: This also had to be part of the top 10 of its great popularity within a reading audience of all age groups. Created as a series of comics by the Belgian artist Herge, the plot revolves around the mysteries that a young Belgian reporter solves book after book.

3. Sandman: this series of graphic novels is known as an epic series and its plot revolves around the Land of Dreams. Highly intriguing, infinitely deep and interesting, this is a series that undoubtedly is among the 10 best of all time.

4. Miracleman: this series of graphic novels was really revolutionary for this genre and, therefore, we can not stop including it in this list of the first ten. Originally known as Marvelman, you can not help but love this crime series.

5. Maus: this is another graphic novel that reaches epic proportions because it tells a story of Holocaust survivors and is told through the perspective of a Polish Jew. This unforgettable graphic novel is undoubtedly one of the best in the 10 best graphic novels of all time.

6. Ghost World: this series of graphic novels set in the 1990s achieved the epitome of popular culture of the 90s by following the daily life of two resourceful adolescents who explore life and grow. The best perhaps in dark comedy ever written.

7. Largest Marlys: This also had to be placed on the top 10 list for a specific reason, to capture the life of an eight year old so well that anyone of all age groups can be addicted to her; although it is supposed to be a children’s book about life.

8. Fun Home: this graphic novel is actually one of the most threatening of the list, and is basically a memory of the author’s childhood and her relationship with her father. From themes of suicide and sex, this is far from being a comic.

9. The Dark Knight returns: This, of course, is part of the series of Batman novels, but it could very well be one of the most beloved of the series. This is the middle-aged batman who returns to fight crime.

10. Jimmy Corrigan, the most intelligent child on Earth: this graphic novel, among the most recent ones, is about imagination and about how middle-aged and clumsy people should not be left without it either.

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