Why Pets Are Attached To Their Owners

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One friend lost her pets and she was so depressed. She wept for weeks. Some of them have not understood the bond of the poor cow. Even though the majority of people can not understand why humans should love themselves more than humans, pet lovers, on the other hand, find it hard to believe.

Today, let’s consider this matter in a different way.

Animals have a soul, like humans. But the soul of the animal is quite fluid and is not personally identical to the human soul. Likewise, trees and stones have their own spirits, but their spirits are more powerful than the elements that inhabit trees and houses. Talking about the trees that refused to fall, even the bulldozers did not fall to the ground; If it has fallen, it is repeated and repeated. Such stories can be seen not only in the Midrie Islands but also in the Scandinavian countries. Some indigenous people still have connections with the elements of the elements. There are flowers in the place where the flowers can be planted far from the people’s fields, and even their own animals have a roll.

But the animal spirit is connected with an independent movement, as it differs from these. For example, after all the elephants have died, they have returned to a common pool like a river and only have to re-start with a small layer flowing in the middle of the aisle. Thus, not a repeating of animals, except for specific species.

These two special occasions are two types. First, by using the most powerful force on earth in the love of love. When a person loves his pet animals love can add to the soul of the pet, privately, and so, if a pet man dies, the soul is not allowed to return to the collective soul. Under this circumstance, the animal has a repetition, and if he is genuinely cautious to get to know it, find the former owner.

The second is more rare in the appendix. Animal animals have animals that have no connection with animals. Sometimes it can be oxidized on Earth for special purposes. However, these can not be seen in the bodies of animals but also in humans. So every man is not an ordinary man.

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