Original colour photographs of the Second World War bring D-Day to the here and now

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When you think of photos you’ve seen of World War II, you may be remembering black and white images, their timeless qualities capture the despair and heroism of a bygone era.

But, in fact, there were many iconic color photos taken during that war that, for many of those who discover them, bring the meaning of war to the here and now.

“Most Canadians think that World War II is a black and white war,” said Mike Bechthold, executive director of the Juno Beach Center Association and historian of World War II, who spoke to CTVNews.ca about photos in color taken specifically on D-Day

“Occasionally, we see color photos. More often, recently, they have been colored, adding a modern perspective to a historical photo. But many people do not realize that color photography was a very good device and very effective in World War II. ”

Bechthold said that some of the official Canadian photographers who landed with the troops on the morning of June 6, 1944, actually had color cameras with them.

“If you look at the quality of these images, in many ways, the color quality is as good or better than what we have today,” he said.

Experience the landings of Normandy on June 6, 1944 in color by pressing Play in our audio gallery above.

Credits: Audio gallery narrated by Mike Bechthold, executive director of Juno Beach Center Association

Edited by Jesse Tahirali of CTVNews.ca and produced by Phil Hahn and Trevor Koroll

Photos from the Archives Library of Canada and the Juno Beach Center Association

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