‘Very frustrating’: Series of Air Canada cancellations leave man stuck in N.J. for 5 days

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A man who traveled to Ottawa for Canada Day was trapped in New Jersey for five days after a series of cancellations of Air Canada flights.

Royd Aquino was flying to Ottawa from the Philippines on June 28, with a stop at the Newark Liberty International Airport, but his flight from Newark was canceled due to the weather in Ottawa. The next day, bad weather once again forced a cancellation.

Due to the two days of canceled flights, all flights to Ottawa were filled on June 30 and Aquino was unable to take a plane for the third consecutive day. The flights that were due to take on July 1 and 2 were canceled due to technical problems.
“It’s very frustrating, it’s been five days,” Aquino told CTVNews.ca in a telephone interview Tuesday afternoon.

“I was planning to go to Canada around July 1 to experience Canada Day, but I’m stuck here, maybe next year I’ll be able to experience Canada Day.”

Aquino finally arrived in Ottawa late on Tuesday, although his fifth flight was delayed more than an hour.

Aquino, who also moved to Canada as a temporary resident, said he paid $ 300 for a hotel room the first night, but stayed with a close friend who lives in the area for the rest of his travel delay.

“It turned out to be an unplanned vacation,” he joked.

Aquino describes himself as an “adventurer” and admits that he was not as frustrated with the situation as some people might be.

“If this case happens to a lot of people, then maybe they’ll explode,” he said. “For me, I’m just calm.”

Air Canada confirmed the cancellations and blamed “a number of factors related to weather and aircraft problems.”

“We will contact the client and deal directly with him or her about any concerns related to their experience,” the company wrote in a statement.

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