3 Self Defense Techniques for Young Women

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Women’s safety is a major problem today. Domestic violence, sexual violence and violence have made it compulsory to train women with various self-defense protection methods and methods.

Shooting the women independently should be carried out to ensure their own safety

Women have streets and places that seem unsafe. When walking alone or walking alone during the night, there are emotional and emotional nervous emotions. You will increase confidence and strength with the right methods to combat anger or fight with a person you have harassed or persecuted.

The top 3 self-defense tools for young women

01. This lunar Knead – this special technology is tested and tested. The results were always effective. If someone tries to follow you or tries to trap you, keep your elbow back completely forcibly into the bowel’s stomach without a second. It will give you a great deal of pain and the next course of action.

02. Headbutt – Human skulls are good. You can use it as a self-defense weapon. French Footballer – Sidin Cedene – Did This Not Not Hibbut? Well, you can follow the same technique for self defense. See how your head hurts the face of the striker.

03.The cell nest – the TV nest you can use to bring pain or damage to your life. If you find yourself in a state of fights, when you are trying to force an attacker to pull your whole strength and dragging on again, and the individual wind blows, kicking your leg and kicking in the pill slices in the area.
In addition to these techniques, they will also be able to keep the missed weapon and tools out of piercing spray, tasser and tactile ferry. Typically, strategic players and military keyboards are generally used. It is not only designed to illuminate the dark areas, but also plans to evacuate the angry and the abusers.
Whatever kind of weapon you use with whatever technology or weapon, stay calm and keep your fears. With confidence, come out of your arsenal day by day.

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