Avoid Opioid Problems

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With the recent increase in drug-related deaths of 9%, the opioid crisis has caught the attention of the masses. It kills around 50,000 Americans and becomes harder to ignore.

However, one element remains little known and that there is a painkiller that is more powerful than an opioid: calcium gluconate.

Calcium gluconate appears to be one of the most powerful pain killers and the deficiency can cause or worsen the pain. Otherwise, treating a deficiency becomes important and maybe an answer to an otherwise dependent dependence on powerful, dangerous drugs.

Abnormal muscle function and deficiency …

The muscle function is physically completely dependent on the chemical levels of nutrients. Although nerves and bones depend on certain minerals, the function and functioning of the muscles depend on it.

Contraction and relaxation are the most important functions of muscle activity and cause different movements. Calcium and its mineral partner, magnesium, are the key to these vital actions.

In the case of a deficiency, muscles already have a disadvantage and can become defective. This can be a tendency to feel pain. Tension, spasms, cramps or other muscle disorders can be the result of a lack of these life-giving minerals.

More powerful than opioids?

Injectable calcium has already been proven to be a powerful painkiller in medicine. But its use is not difficult to understand once you understand the nutritional needs of the body.

Calcium and magnesium are partners. They work together. The body needs both to use both.

But that doesn’t end easily. There must be an “acidic climate” to be able to react and only one of many forms is acceptable.

These critical circumstances make getting sufficient supply a challenge. And today the margin for errors is huge.

How taking extra calcium can make you DEFICIENT!

Given the accuracy of the body’s use of these minerals, it becomes easy to see that accidentally taking an unusually high form of calcium can cause other problems.

Painful conditions, such as arthritis, are caused by deposits of such minerals that accumulate in the surplus in the joints. These deposits usually occur when absorption is not possible.

Logically, it is not only important to get the right calcium balance in the right shape, it is also vital. Without this, pain and related disorders result.

Which crisis beats painkiller addiction every day of the week?

If you want to name a crisis, it is probably better to go to basics.

With statistics on nutritional deficiencies at “out of control” levels and nearly a third of the planet suffering from some type of malnutrition, the opioid crisis seems rather miniscule. Furthermore, painkiller addiction may be more dependent on deficiencies than previously suspected.

With the lean tolerance of proper forms and the balance of calcium along with the conditions in which it is absorbed, it is easy to see how, even with a careful diet plan, one can get deficient.

Can minerals in a sufficient supply provide a solution for the opioid crisis?

Although it is debatable whether or not direct access can be gained to an overall solution, it is easy to see that solving deficiencies can cause clear changes in the existence of painful conditions. Pain is not necessary in many cases and can be the result of a certain predisposition caused by a deficiency.

The right ratio, shape and combination of calcium and magnesium is not only a recipe for pain relief, it is not only a preventative measure, it is essential for the correct function itself, both minerals are responsible for hundreds of body processes.

Instant CalMag-C is a supplement designed in the laboratory, reverse-engineering of how the body uses essential calcium and magnesium. The result is a fast-absorbing, useful and effective combination that supports body functions too much to mention.

A body that contains essential minerals and other nutrients tend to function optimally and is painless. Try Instant CalMag-C and discover what replenishing the two most vital minerals can mean for you, and perhaps also for a global crisis!

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