NASA Affirms 656ft Asteroid Traveling Towards Earth At 44,964 Kmph

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NASA is following a space rock falling towards Earth.

The space rock called 2015 BK509 is 656 feet wide and is screeching across space at a speed of 44,964 km / h. NASA trackers expect the space rock to have its experience nearby on Saturday, February 29.

Will the space rock BK509 hit Earth?


According to current estimates, the space rock will not hit the blue planet. On the next approach, the asteroid will be 7.16 million kilometers from Earth. In any case, NASA has ordered the space rock as a near-Earth object, considering the separation, which seems very long from a human perspective, but a short separation in view of the unimaginability of the universe.

NASA considers all space rocks that come fairly close to the sun as a near-earth object. At the time of its nearby methodology, the BK509 space rock will be 0.04792 galactic units away, and this single factor makes it a risky space rock that could welcome demolition on Earth one day or the other if its direction changes.

Will A Doomsday Skirt of the Last Judgment Hit Earth?

There are a considerable number of space rocks of all shapes and sizes that sneak into the nearby planetary system. Such a space rock, which was enormous, hit Earth about 66 million years ago and caused a mass extinction. This space rock strike was so badly destroyed that more than 70 percent of all species on earth, including dinosaurs, were wiped out.

However, from that point on, no such space rock has moved to Earth. Some space specialists, including Dr. Iain McDonald, however, accept that potential results from a later doomsday rock hit can’t be excluded. According to Iain McDonald, feared occasions like space rock hits are not tied to the past and will occur later. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson also accepts that if a doomsday asteroid hits the planet, the Earth will be in a harmful situation.

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